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The status of what states have legal sports betting is in a continual state of flux and one we stay up-to-speed with. At I will be writing reviews of new online sports gambling websites such as sportsbooks and web casinos.

As this huge wave of states that have legal sports gambling in the United States of America continues to grow the popularity of online sports betting on mobile phones and home computers is likely to realize further explosive growth with analysts estimating it could bring in over 500 Million Dollars within the next 2 years.

The market demand for online casinos is also increasing along with mobile sports betting’s popularity. States Online Casino has extensive research articles and educational white papers. Check them before you play to see United States licensed web casinos on

Sports Gambling USA – educates gamblers on sports betting matters on the web. Learn how to bet from your phone on football, baseball, tennis, soccer, golf, boxing, mma, etc.

New Jersey and Pennsylvania are often in the news and the internet betting markets for sports gambling in these states is very large. Following their success Delaware. West Virginia, New York, Michigan, Illinois, Maryland are all preparing to set up legal sports betting in their respective states.

Virtual betting revenues from mobile PA sports betting and legal online sports gambling in Pennsylvania have surges passed the most optimistic expectations and there’s no telling how high they’ll go.

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A guide to Colorado sport gambling on the internet, CO Online Sports Betting ( provides Colorodans, Bronco & Rockie Fans with accurate reviews of state licensed sportsbook operators (once they get established with the state of COLORADO).

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